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As a business owner, you are in a constant state of learning.  At Illuminate Digital we realize that business needs to keep up with the latest technologies, marketing, and advertising trends and want to provide training to make it easier to run your business, less expensive, more profitable and fun. Illuminate Digital is available to set up and teach seminars and workshops for your business, organization or Chamber of Commerce. From Facebook advertising, SEO and sales training Illuminate Digital. Click here to sign up for our latest event. 

Marketing Strategy Seminar in West Union

Our next event will be in West Union, Iowa Are you still using the shotgun approach in your marketing and advertising? Running newspaper ads at random? A few Facebook posts now and again. Maybe a radio add? Does your website play an integral roll in marketing? If you said yes to any of the questions and no to the last one, this seminar is for you. We will learn how, where and why we need a focused marketing strategy in our business, and our promotions. Sign up today

This two (2) - hour class will discuss how to develop a marketing strategy based on your business goal and show you how you can save a ton money, by focusing where your marketing dollars go and how to use read your data to see what marketing work what marketing doesn't so you can move your money from what doesn't work and what does work.

We will also show how to use content marketing on your website and all the other media where your business is listed. Learn how to breakdown your business target market, where you are most likely to reach them, and how to track them from start to finish in the sales funnel. 
Cost: Free to Chamber Members - $10 for non-chamber members


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