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Seminars & Workshops

As a business owner your are in a constant state of learning.  At Illuminate Digital we realize that business need to keep up with the latest technologies, marketing and advertising trends and want to provide training to make it easier to run your business, less expensive, more profitable and fun. Illuminate Digital is available to set up and teach seminars and workshops for your business, organization or Chamber of Commerce. From Facebook advertising, SEO and sales training Illuminate Digital. Click here to sign up for our latest event. 

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Facebook Marketing Event in Anamosa

Our next event will be in Anamosa at the Lawernce Community Center on January 10th from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. Because Facebook is one of the most cost-effective ways to market a 
business, but you can’t market your business on FB the way you do with traditional media. Learn how to market your business and events effectively on Facebook. 

This two (2) - hour class will discuss content marketing on Facebook and how it should be incorporated with your company content strategy. We will also show you how to advertise on Facebook and how to select your target market and how much to spend on ads and boosted posts. 
Cost: Free to Chamber Members - $10 for non-chamber members


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Professional Selling in the Digital Age

Everyone is a salesperson. Think about it, every single person that is either on the phone or in front of a customer is selling. Selling the client to spend money with you, to continue to be a customer with you or looking at attaining your services for their next set of needs

This sales and marketing workshop will cover the needs for every person in an organization the faces the customer to have sales skills and how to improve on the skills they already have and how to properly work with the educated customer of today. With the advent of Google and the internet, the customer is more informed than ever, and we as sales professionals should understand this and be able to move the sales process along accordingly 

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