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How Local Businesses Can Demonstrate Expertise Online

Know this: You can’t have authority if you don’t have expertise. And you can’t build trust if you haven’t demonstrated expertise and authoritativeness.

What Is Expertise?

Expert is defined: as A person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area.

Expertise is defined: as Expert skill or knowledge in a particular field.

Someone can have the expertise and complete a task as well or better than others, but demonstrating this online is challenging. In order for a business to place higher than competitors in search results, they must be able to demonstrate expertise better than the others.

How Do You Build Expertise Online?

A roofing company can have expertise in how to repair roofs. They have fixed roofs for 20+ years. But, are they demonstrating this expertise online?

  • Do their reviews show they have expertise in roofing?

  • Do they demonstrate expertise with fixing roofs on social media?

  • Do they have videos on YouTube showing how to fix roofs?

  • Do they have Google My Business posts and photos on their listing that demonstrate expertise in fixing roofs?

  • Do the blog posts and FAQ pages on their website discuss how to fix roofs?

If this roofing business wants to place in search results for roof repairs, they need to demonstrate their expertise. And not just one time, but over and over. The more ways they can demonstrate their expertise, the more likely their plumbing business will place higher in local search.

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