Meet Brian Stoll,

Owner,Website Designer/Wix Expert/Marketing Specialist


Brian holds a Marketing Management degree and Social Media Marketing Certificate from Kirkwood Community College, plus has previous experience as a digital marketing specialist and a sales associate. He also sits on the advisory board for the Marketing Management program at Kirkwood.

I love helping small businesses navigate the ever-changing world of digital marketing.

I started Illuminate Digital because I was tired of seeing customers get a website without any support or training on how to use it. It happened all the time when I worked at a big box company that built websites – clients would have a website designed for them but wouldn’t know how to use it to grow their business. That’s like buying a brand-new car but not having the keys. A website won’t help you increase your revenue if all it does is look pretty.

A website is so much more powerful than a list of your products or services. A long-term marketing partner can help you uncover new ways to promote your company online. Some businesses need simple solutions, such as an FAQ page to eliminate phone questions or regular social media posts to stay connected with their customers. Others need SEO tools (search engine optimization) to ensure new customers can find them through an online search. The right digital marketing strategies will help you develop a relationship with your current customers as well as reach new ones. Illuminate Digital offers a full range of marketing services, including website development, SEO, hosting, and social media marketing.

Taylar Michelle Stout,

Website Designer/Wix Expert/Content Writer

Taylar Michelle and Family

Taylar Michelle

Hello, my name is Taylar I am a website designer and content writer with Illuminate Digital. I have two wonderful little girls who are 4 years apart and an amazing partner whom I’ve been with for almost five years. Together we also have two dogs and one cat! 


 I’m a collage graduate from Kirkwood Community College and I have my degree in Hospitality Management. Before I started with web design I was bartending and managing a restaurant in Solon, IA called Big Grove Brewery. I absolutely loved my job! After COVID shut everything down I started looking for a new journey so I could stay home with my little ones. That’s when I was introduced with Brian at Illuminate Digital. 


I’ve been with Illuminate Digital since August of 2020. I have found that there is plenty to learn in web design. I consider myself a forever student and love finding new trends and designs. I believe in being as organized as possible, which is something I like to practice in my home and professional life. Some of my hobbies include renovating our home, reading,  and walks with our family.


Little Guy Logos

Illuminate Digital partnered with Little Guy Logos in 2018 to offer our clients the best pricing on fully customized logo designs and fast turn around. No stock image, fully custom designs of logos, product packaging, business card designs, window decals, flyers, custom icons.