• 5-6pg Custom Website

    Custom Design Website Templates 5-6 Pages
    • 5-6 Pages with original SEO compliant copy writing
  • SEO Local Starter

    Every month
    10 Hours a month of SEO Service
    Valid for 6 months
    • Keyword Topics: SEO work will focus on 1 keyword topic
    • We will focus on 5 target keywords and track 25 keywords
    • Perform optimization of website pages every month
    • Build backlinks (from local search engines & directories)
    • Content Optimization: create/modify website content
    • Content Optimization: Industry-specific editorial content
  • Presence Services

    Every month
    Perfect for business's who want to rank higher on Google
    Valid for 36 months
    • Google My Business verification and optimization
    • Bing Places verification and optimization
    • Business listing submission to Amazon Alexa & Siri
    • Premium Listing on Judy's Book
    • Business citations listed in the most important directories
    • Business citations listed w/ the most important GPS apps
    • Reviewing, correcting, and optimizing your data in real-time
    • Monthly Progress Reports