Incorporate SEO into Your Website Design

I get asked all the time, what is SEO, how does it work, how do I incorporate SEO into my website design. Have you every wondered this with you company website? In this Podcast with Devin Green of The Innovative Creative we answer all those questions and more. Devin is a very talented and skilled website and graphic designer and he asked me to join him and lend my SEO expertise so we could discuss how to build SEO into a website design and how we can design a great looking site and with great SEO.

On Today's Episode: Devin invites special guest Brian Stoll onto the show to discuss SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, and how it can be used to drastically increases your website's success.

About the Guest: Brian Stoll is the owner of Illuminate Digital, LLC, a digital marketing and website development company. For more information, visit

Devin Green, host of The Innovative Creative Podcast, is a full stack designer in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with over 16 years of graphic and web design experience. For more on Devin and his work, visit

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