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Website Design Guide

  • Development of high-quality custom template sites for local business niches. Includes activation of features such as blogs, social media icons, etc. Based on specs and example template the client has chosen

  • The first steps to getting started

    • Down Payment o Signed Contract

    • Client Website Questionnaire

    • Client asset collection & sign off


  • After receiving the above, we begin branding the website homepage with the necessary digital imaging requirements. This should include the following any company logos, company business profile, fonts, colors, and images provided

Content Integration

  • We integrate the content provided according to our page layouts for our basic web design. Once we’ve completed the branding phase of our web build, we integrate the content provided using the chosen template’s inner-page layout which includes the Home Page, About Us Page, Contact Page, and up to two pages of your choice.

Client Feedback

  • We will send a homepage draft to the client for input on what they like and what they want to change before we proceed.

  • Once the homepage is approved and edits are in from the client we begin editing any changes, finishing out the complete design for the home page and all other pages, and drawing up conten​

  • 1 st Draft

    • Once we’ve completed the branding and content integration, our expert web managers review the first revision prior to submission for review. We provide your insight into the website in preparation for your first proof phase.

    • Content locations have been set. Image locations set, color palate ready. - At this point, the content that has been used is considered as a holding place. The final version of content will be placed into these sections before the first PROOF

    • The first draft implementations should focus on the following feedback if required: - Removal of sections

      • Changes in Content location or layout

      • Font changes

      • Removal or additions of sections

      • Changes in colors

Now is a great opportunity to review the content and branding is aligned. We focus on the feedback above to ensure we're on the right track for getting your website up and running. At this point from a design perspective, desktop and mobile design should be gone over by the designer and any discrepancies corrected.​

  • 1st Proof

    • During the 1st Proof, we focus on the following feedback points, and if a revision is required, the implementation will follow accordingly:

      • Image Changes - Content changes

      • Banner strip Elements or arrangements (Not redesign)

      • Social Media Links

      • Pre-Launch Quality Assurance 

      • By this point, SEO pre-live checklist will be completed

  • 2nd Proof

    • During the 2nd Proof, we ask for the client’s input on the changes requested during the 1st Proof. - Are Images Correct?

      • Were Content changes made?

      • Changes in Elements, strips, and banners, are correct at this point

      • Were Social Media Links added correctly? o Pre-Launch Quality Assurance


  • Once the revisions have been conducted and the necessary implementations completed, our Quality Assurance team scores the website and performs an in-depth review, ensuring the website is mobile-friendly and dynamically responsive for modern browsers and devices.

Going Live With Your New Website
  • Illuminate Digital Hosting (most popular option)
    ● We will set the site live and begin our ongoing services based on the contract
    ● Illuminate Digital will handle setting up the correct Premium Plans, URLs, and emails for clients, for no 
    additional cost unless stated otherwise (URL & Emails are subject to annual renewal fees)

After Going Live Actions by Illuminate Digital
● Run the website through Wix SEO Wiz 
● Connect the website site map to Google Search Console and request indexing.
● Upload Favicon
Driving Traffic to Your Website
● Your website is now live online. NOW WHAT?
○ You need to start driving traffic to your website, start simply by creating a post for your 
Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google My Business Profiles and announce your new 
website and use a call to action and invite people to visit your website.
■ Are you missing one of these platforms? Call Illuminate Digital and we can set them 
up for you.
○ Start a full-service SEO Campaign, creating quality citations to build trust online and create or 
improve your reputation to increase your page rank on Google faster. Call us at 319-310-4648
or visit
○ Start Posting on social media on a regular basis 2 to 5 times per week. Illuminate Digital offers 
the perfect package for most budgets. We will create 10 to 20 posts per month that are designed 
to create engagement and increase website traffic. Learn more about our SMO Services at


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